20 Best loan apps in Kenya -2022

Loan apps have come to the help of Kenyans who want to fund or expand their startups, pay hospital bills and achieve temporary financial freedom.

With the many app lenders now available, it is now possible to avoid the hassle and paperwork of bank loans and get cash instantly to cater for emergencies before your salary arrives.

Here are the 20 best loan apps in Kenya:

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20 Best loan apps in Kenya -2022

Suitable for small businesses, Branch guarantees you loans of up to Ksh 100, 000. As you pay off your loans and take more, your credibility with them increases to give you access to larger loan amounts.

Unlike some loan apps, Branch does not condone shameful debt collection practices like calling people on your contact list to force them to pay the loan on your behalf. Loan requirements include a valid mobile number, a national ID, and that you be an Mpesa user.

Range of loans: Ksh 250 — ksh100, 000.

Loan term: 4 — 52 weeks.

Interest: 17%-35%. No rollover fees.

2.Tala loan

Launched in 2014, Tala claims to have credited over 4 million customers with more than $1B. Once you take a loan from Tala, your repayment behavior determines your subsequent loan options.

Tala paybill and how it works

  •     Fill out a loan application form·         If approved, receive the loan within a few

Loan range: Ksh 1000 – Ksh 50, 000.

Tala Loan term: 21-90 days.

Charges: A one-time fee of 15% for starting customers, 5% for seasoned customers, and an 8% extension fee.

3.Zenka loan app

Loan apps :You can apply for a Zenka loan by dialing *841# and following the prompted steps. Alternatively, you can follow the following procedure to sign up:

  • Download the Zenka app from the Play store
  • Enter your names and national ID number
  • Choose and answer a security question
  • Create a 4-digit pin
  • Agree to terms and conditions·
  • Request for loan amount and tenure·
  • Confirm your offer details for the loan
  • Wait for the loan to be credited to your mpesa

Fees: 5% fee on each loan. You can extend your payment term for 7, 14, or 30 days.

Range: 61 days

Zenka Loan limit: ksh 500 – ksh 30, 000

4.Okash loan application

Loan apps in Kenya include Okash,it was the winner of the 2019 Digital Tech awards. What distincts this loan app is that it does not limit your loan eligibility based on your job/ source of income. The only requirement is for you to be 20 – 55 years of age.

To use Okash, download the app from the Play store,  fill in your personal details, accept the terms and conditions, select a loan amount based on your limit, and voila! The money will be disbursed to your Mpesa within a few minutes.

Loan Range: Ksh 500 – 50, 000

Interest: 1.2% per day for 15 days.

Loan limit: Unique for every individual.

5.Opesa loan

To qualify for a loan from Opesa, you must have an impressive credit score from CRB Kenya. Additionally, you must have an active phone number and an Mpesa account.

  • To get a loan from Opesa: Download and install the Opesa app from the play store
  • Register your Mpesa number
  • Specify a loan amount
  • Receive the loan instantly to mpesa

Loan Range: ksh 500 –30, 000 ksh

Repayment period: 91 – 365 days

Interest: 14% –16.8 %

6.ipesa loan app

Launched in 2018, iPesa demands that you must be above 18 years old and have an active Mpesa account to qualify for a loan. You will also be asked to provide your name, ID number, date of birth, monthly income, and your exact payday

ipesa application and registration

Download and install the iPesa app from the play store

  • Register and log in to your account
  • Apply for a loan
  • Confirm your loan details
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Submit your loan application·         Receive the loan via Mpesa

Loan range: Ksh 2,000 – Ksh 20, 000

Interest: 36% per loan and a late payment fee of 8 %

Repayment period: 91 – 180 days

7.Zash loan

This loan app is focused on helping employed and unemployed Kenyans gain fast access to quick cash, seamlessly. The requirements are an active M-Pesa number and that you be 18 – 60 years old

Zash loan app

  • Download the Zash loan app from the play store Register your mpesa number
  • Choose the amount you want to apply
  • Fill in your basic information
  • Upload identity documents·        
  • Submit a loan application and wait to be notified if approved

Interest: 20% and a penalty of 3% for 15 days.

Loan limit: Ksh 800 – Ksh 50, 000.

Repayment Period: 7 – 90 days


With FlashPesa, you can get loans of up to Ksh 50, 000. Your loan amount increases when you successfully pay off your third loan. You don’t have to be employed to qualify for a loan.

Application process

  • Fill in your details
  • Request for a loan depending on your limit

Limit: Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 50, 000

Repayment period: 1 – 2 months

Interest: 15.4 – 25% and a one-time fee of 15% from the loan amount


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A Kenyan loan app, Creditmoja requires you to be between 18 and 60 years old to qualify for a loan.

Creditmoja application

Download the Creditmoja app from the Play store.

  •  Accept permission requests.
  • Input your mobile number for confirmation.
  • Create a PIN.
  • Input your Personal information  
  • Input work and family information
  • Click the ‘apply now’ tab to view your loan limit.
  • Choose a repayment per period
  • Submit and wait for a loan.

Repayment period: 14 – 21 days

Interest: 25%. The interest rate is cut before the loan disbursement; hence you will receive less than what you requested.

Loan Limit: 5, 000 Ksh – 500, 000.

10.Timiza loan

Timiza is a product of the Absa group.

To apply for a loan:

  • Fill in the requested details
  • Select ‘My loans’ to view your loan limit
  • Request a loan amount
  • Receive the loan money in your Timiza account
  • Transfer the money to your mpesa account.

You can also apply for a loan by dialing *848# and following the prompted steps.

Fees: 20% Tax Duty on your loan, a 5% one-time disbursement fee, and a 5% penalty if the loan is not repaid within 30 days.

Repayment Period: 30 days

Limit: Ksh 50 – Ksh 100, 000

11.Hikash loan

In Hikash, repaying your loan on time increases your chances of a higher loan limit.

Application procedure:

  •    Enter your details to create an account
  •     Request a loan amount depending on the displayed limit
  •   Receive the loan in your mpesa.

Range: Ksh 700 – 30,000 ksh

Time limit: 91 – 365 days

Interest: 16% annual rate

12.Meta loan

Kenyans between 16 – 60 years are eligible for a loan from Meta loan. To apply for a loan, download the Metaloan app from the play store, fill in your details, and pick the loan amount that suits you.

Limit: Ksh 500 – 80, 000

Interest: 48% per annum and a one-time fee ranging from Ksh 100 – Ksh 1, 000.

Repayment period: 91 – 365 days. Fees:

13.MyKes Loan

You don’t need guarantors to qualify for a loan from MyKes.

Application procedure:

  • Download the MyKes app from the play store
  •   Agree to terms and conditions
  • Enter a valid phone number and enter the confirmatory code
  • Allow the app to access your phone
  • Fill in your details (name, ID, and email)
  • Fill in your employment status and monthly income
  • Submit clear photos of your ID and selfie
  • Apply for the loan

Loan range: Ksh 5, 000 – ksh 2, 000.

Repayment period: 91 – 365 days.

Interest: 30% fee deducted from the loan.

14.Patron loan

Patron is a loan app available for Kenyans between 18 – 30 years of age.

Application procedure:

  • Download and install the Patron app from the play store
  • Enter a valid phone number
  • Create a secure PIN
  • Select the loan amount and the repayment period
  • Specify what you intend to do with the loan
  • Fill in your personal information (name, ID, source of income)
  • Confirm that all details are correct
  • Submit a loan request by clicking on ‘apply’.

Limit: Ksh 200 – ksh 15,000.

Repayment period: 60 – 90 days.

Interest: 1% per day

16. Direct Cash loan

To get a loan from DirectCash you will first need to Install the app from the play store. You will then need to register with a valid mpesa number, fill in your details, then request a loan.

Direct Cash Loan Limit: Ksh 1, 500 – ksh 50, 000

Interest: 36% APR

Repayment period: 91 – 365 days

17.Cash Sea loan

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A Kenyan loan app, CashSea is ideal for startups. The application procedure is as follows:

  • Accept the permission requests.
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  •   Enter your mpesa number
  •   Fill in personal details, fill in work info , fill in contact info
  •   Submit a clear picture of the front and back of your ID
  • Click ‘borrow money, and wait for your loan status to be reviewed.

Cash sea Loan Limit: Ksh 2,000 – Ksh 100, 000.

Interest: 30% p.a. and an additional fee of 5% — 10% of the loan amount.

Repayment period: 7 days

18.Apesa Loan

To get a loan from Apesa, download the app from the play store. Create an account and log in, request a loan and receive it in your mpesa number within 30 minutes.

Apesa Loan limit: ksh 500 – ksh 8, 000

Repayment time: 91 – 365 days.

Interest: 18% p.a.

19.Hela Cash loan

To be eligible for a loan from Helacash, you must have an active mpesa account and be a Kenyan citizen between 18 –60 years.

Download the app from the play store, create an account using a valid phone number, fill out your details, submit your application and have the loan disbursed to your mpesa within a few minutes.

Repayment period: 91 – 365days.

Hela cash Loan limit: Ksh 2, 000 to Ksh 100, 000.

Interest: 12% p.a

20.Skypesa loan

Skypesa is another loan app that claims to offer loans via Mpesa to Kenyans. How to apply for a loan:  Download and install the Skypesa app

  • Allow the app the requested permissions (access to camera, SMS, contacts, storage)
  • Agree to the privacy policy
  • Enter your phone number and input the verification code
  • Set a password
  • Fill in the application form (your name, source of income, names of referees, etc.)
  • Request for a loan

Skypesa Loan limit: ksh 1000- Ksh 20, 000.

Interest: 10% — 16.25% per year

Repayment: 91 – 180 days

Loan apps in Kenya summary

Those are the top 20 loan apps in Kenya. Hopefully, you now have a source of emergency funds the next time your paycheck delays while you are in a financial fix.

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