Top 8 outstanding business architecture design

Business architecture design for your startup? Here you can get step-by-step
supervision for your successful business.
It is always necessary to plan your business’s initial setup. People who belong to the design and have
certification may find it easier to start up. Business design strategies help with the firm’s goals, tactics,
targets, and achievements.
In this article, we will discuss advanced methods to design our business.

This method became popular in the 1990s with a semi-standard structure report. Most common
organizations apply this technique in their firm. It can be best on active management within the
This method identifies the consequences of activities perform in an organization. It relates to the client,
finance, processing management, or learning and growth.

Benefits of balance scorecards in Business architecture-design

-It improves performance.
-Reliable in the process alignment.
-Check an action plan for the firm’s chief aim.
-Help architects recognize the values and abilities of the organisation. 

Business architecture design Illustrative model

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Business Model Canvas is the most advanced method among others. It helps in creating a new template
and editing the previous one in the business model. The canvas model explains all planning of
organization on one page for an overview. Each member should have access to the current planning
method of an organization.

Business architecture design Model segments

Model Segments:
This model has nine segments which include:
● Key partners
● Key activities
● Key Resources/assets
● Value Proposition
● Customer relationships
● Customer Segment
● Channels
● Cost Structure
● Revenue Streams

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-Key activities estimates initiatives, capabilities, and values
-Key resources determine capabilities, initiatives, information, and crossed map of elements.
-The value proposition has products, journey maps, and streams in its components.

  • Other segments include stakeholders, values, initiatives, capabilities, and elements in an organization.

Benefits of Canvas Model

Benefits of Canvas Model:
-Helps in thinking about guidance to plan business models.
-Check speed and agility in delivering the task.
-it determines links with customers and channels.
-Define cost value in designing a business model.
– Connects the business model with business architecture to identify the marketing ratio.


It’s among the Top 8 -business architecture-design and most manufacturing companies rely on this method. It originates in Japan in the 1980s to determine
planning strategies. Hoshin Kanri sets organizational goals by communication between workers.

Model Steps:
This model includes seven steps:
Set the actual state of an organization.
Produce advance objectives.
Make objectives yearly.
Cascade organizational goals.
Perform annual objectives.
Review your plan monthly and yearly.
These steps act by three levels of the organization.

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Benefits of Hoshin Kanri

1- It provides detail and the particular goal of an organization.
2- Develops unity among members with the strategic plan.
3- If in place, it also links architects with 3 level methods.
4-In addition, values, supporting applications, projects, and initiatives are performed by this


This method generally applies to the products and services provided by the organization. Designers use
this method for intellectual, practical, and tactical concepts of services.

Steps of design thinking:
1- Empathize: To have a complete know-how of any challenge.
2- Define: To solve problems.
3- Ideate: To figure out an ideal solution for any problem.
4- Prototype: To make models to test solutions.
5- Test: To join the testing process to improve the solution.

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Benefits of design thinking in Business architecture design

It allows users to view their business problems.
Provide problem-solving skills.
Helps to meet clients’ satisfaction


Another in the Top 8 -business architecture design is SWOT analysis which came into existence in the 1960s by Albert Humphrey. It is a simple yet ordinary method.
This method is implemented for business units, projects level, values, and services.

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Benchmark consulting.

It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of business projects.
Helps in recognizing opportunities and threats in project planning.


Steps of customer journey maps:
Interaction with stakeholders: This consists of customers’ goals, opportunities, and experiences.

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Overcome bridging gap between marketing, sales, and operations.
Build an emotional link with customers.
Identify holes in projects and fill them with touch points.

7. Business architecture design MOTIVATION MODEL

Business architects use this method for organising their plans, structure, and communication. OMG
(Object Management Group) produces a business motivation model.

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Courtesy: Benchmark consulting LLC (USA)

Motivation Model Concept:
Mission: Purpose of an organization.
Vision: Consider short-term and long-term goals.
Strategies: Plan to do the organization’s short-term goals.
Goal: Outcome of the organization to achieve within the timeframe.
Objectives: Short-term goals that bring long-term goals closer.
Tactics: Produce targets that execute strategies.


Michael Porter suggested the idea behind the value chain. This method determines the actions to
produce valuable products for their customers. An organization’s input, output, and transformation
systems depend upon a value chain.
It identifies costs and affects profits.
Conduct inbound and outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and services.
It supports infrastructure, human resources, advertising, and sales of an organization.


● AD Pro:-

With the use of AD pro, people can design the dreams of their own business. This tool helps in
structuring a small business. AD Pro can reduce traps. It encourages success and focuses on learning
architectural ways of planning your business.
AD pro aids in:
-Prepare your concepts by proper searching.
-Check how you can differ from others.
-Favour your involvement in your ideas.
-Measure your experience level.
-Assists you in setting specific goals.

This tool helps in designing realistic images. Just like AD Pro, this tool also helps in planning and
structure making. Revit allows working with virtual reality in architecture.

This software allows working in a 3D manner. Its accuracy depends on NURBS mathematical
model. The model can draw imagination into design easily by curves. Architects use this model
daily to draw beautiful designs.


AutoCAD architecture determines the complex details of buildings. This software also allows 2D
or 3D specifications like Rhino 3D. AutoCAD can draw doors and windows in your model. It also
lets you delete any wall area.

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