Easy ways to get rich with 10k

Have you ever wondered how you can invest thousands in Kenya and reap more profits? don’t worry about this article I will be providing you with a step by step guide on how to invest in Kenya with a view on growing your business or making your business break-even in the shortest time possible, these ideas are sure and tested and have worked for most small investors in Kenya and it’s neighbours.
First of all for you need to invest with as little as ten thousand shillings you need to accept that you must be the one running the business and don’t think of employing someone to run the business for you because the business will collapse before it even starts, you need to think also of the most convenient way of handling the location of the business you can start by hawking or getting a front space in specific hours If you found yourself in the CBD but if you are in the outskirts of Nairobi you can simply get a place worth it for even 2k and start your dream enterprise. Assuming now you are set to go and you have the laid down method of increasing sales by choosing the strategic location together with accepting to be the CEO and the general manager of the running of your business you need to look at the business professional gaps any business has a professional gap let’s take for instance if we decide to invest on cereal and grocery you need to span on the demand in the market, you have to first visit a liable market to view the gaps and the most in-demand commodity, you can start with the most demanding grocery and what the market in general lacks in steady supply, you next need to view the potential profits of the supplies and potential risks which involves perishability, transport cost and local licensing requirements or ways to cope with them in a short term.Now after identifying the product you have to next look at the main source in the supply chain, research on the first chain cost supply and the transport costs involved if the profit margin is reasonable you can choose to start supplying the same, for example, if you have identified lemon as a demanded commodity on the market you can look at the main source of lemon and it’s primary supplier and costs involved to transport to your market, you can now estimate 60% of your capital to purchase after confirmation of orders from the potential client’s in this case if you have ten thousand,6k can comfortably accommodate a reasonable supply of the aforementioned product into the immediate market. Another idea is on the service industry, as I previously laid it you need to be the CEO and the general manager and also the handyman on your business, the service industry is the most marketable and recurrent industry in the world that allows the flow of cash daily, everyone has a skill only that some have not realised them and they are still in static form or the confidence in partaking them is at a zero level.Now can you think of a skill you can comfortably offer any skill that you think others have previously asked from you ,be it typing,data entry, hair dressing ,event preparations or even some guidance on their personal life ,the only difference these service skills are not sound to you is because you have not yet strategized on how to turn them lucrative,now with ten thousand shillings you can simply better your skill and experience or knowledge to act more professional for instance if you are an artist who likes drawing on a paper you can simply better your skill by taking the share of the money let’s say 30% to purchase a graphic and design tutorial and starting proffesional graphic design ,in the current world the skills are highly needed and art talent is one of the most paying on the planet,you are already asking yourself how you can practise designing after the course,during the course you will be enlightened and offered with best alternative methods to better and banter in the market ,after that you just need to set s side some 20% for online marketing and the moment you get the first client either through direct link or organic ways the majority of your clients will be trickling in from the refferal of those you have been providing your excellent services ,that is just an instance of how you can utilise your ten thousand. The next item in the service industry can be providing cosmetic services, delivery of rare products, perfumes and also special salon services like pedicures, manicures and massage in the comfort of their homes.You can start offering pedicure and manicure services by purchasing the items from some online stores at discounted prices like jumia , killmall and Amazon all with seven thousand you can comfortably buy the starting machines and later add more as you gain more clients. The other demanding service you can offer with 10k is online instructional services, does this sound weird and new to you don’t worry with the current lifestyle and the availability of digital devices to most individuals and homes the gym industry has experienced tremendous growth and anyone running a gym can elaborate lack of professional gym instructors as the challenge if you have not yet gained more skills on fitness coaching you can learn this through some free online tutorials and later on market your self and broaden your profile, you can begin offering freestyle fitness exercises and later on buying the sophisticated equipment to introduce a more complete business with 10k you can acquire the skills online and still give yourself a platform to market your brand

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