Fast and reliable loan options for women today

When it comes to getting business loans for women in need of them, you 
need to leverage on every possible advantage. The more you know, and the better 
prepared you are, the better your chances of getting an approval.
Loans can be applied for from a variety of lending institutions. However, 
loans specifically for women business owners are somewhat uncommon.
Nevertheless, there are a few, and there are some lenders that tend to work better 
when it comes to business loans for women even if they do not lend to women 
exclusively. Some of them include;

  1. Blue Vine
    While BlueVine doesn’t have quite the loan variety of Lendio, it does offer 
    cash flow loans like lines of credit and invoice financing—which means it has 
    capital options for many needs and uses. Plus, BlueVine’s invoice financing goes 
    up to $5 million. Most online lenders don’t even have $1 million loans, so 
    BlueVine’s large cash flow financing makes it stand out from the crowd. If you 
    have a big project, BlueVine has a big loan to finance it.
    But why do we recommend BlueVine specifically for women-owned 
    businesses? Well, it has relatively low application requirements for its invoice 
    financing. Since female entrepreneurs often have lower qualifications than male 
    entrepreneurs, that matters. We also like that BlueVine has a small resource center 
    for women’s business loans. And at the end of the day, BlueVine’s cash flow loans 
    are good for many businesses—women owned or not.
  2. Fundbox
    Most traditional lenders and many alternative lenders have very strict, 
    inflexible borrower requirements. Not Fundbox! Yes, it has a list of typical 
    requirements, but Fundbox is willing to flex on things like your time in business if 
    you have an otherwise strong application. Fundbox mostly looks at your business’s 
    current finances (via your accounting software or business bank account) to assess your application. And the requirements it does have are pretty low for a line of 
    Fundbox’s automated process and flexible financing qualifications have 
    made it one of our favorite startup loans, but it also makes it one of the best 
    women-owned business loans. After all, some studies suggest that women 
    entrepreneurs get denied business financing because of their lower credit scores.2 
    With Fundbox, less-than-perfect credit isn’t a problem. So if you need capital, but 
    you don’t want one small factor to get in the way of your otherwise excellent 
    application, go with Fundbox.
  3. OnDeck
    Small-business financing isn’t always a one-time thing. You might need 
    funding for a marketing campaign now and for hiring next year. So if you suspect 
    you’ll need more financing over the years, we recommend OnDeck. While firsttime borrowers can expect relatively high rates on OnDeck loans, repeat borrowers 
    get sweet discounts on both interest rates and fees. 
    In fact, your continued relationship with OnDeck can earn you an 
    origination fee of 0% (down from OnDeck’s standard 5% fee). And as an added 
    perk, OnDeck may even waive the remaining interest on your old loan when you 
    apply for a new loan with OnDeck. The more you borrow, the better your 
    relationship with OnDeck gets.
  4. Lendio
    Lendio isn’t just our favorite lender for women-owned businesses—it’s our 
    favorite lender, period. That’s because Lendio is actually a lending marketplace. 
    You have to submit only one brief application to Lendio, and it will match you 
    with loans and lenders that you can qualify for. Then, you just choose your favorite 
    financing option, and Lendio will help you finish your loan application and get 
    With the sheer number of small-business loans and lenders available through 
    Lendio, you’re sure to find the right financing for your business. In fact, Lendio 
    can match you with several of the other lenders on this list. So yes, you have to 
    meet some basic qualifications (see the comparison table above), but Lendio can work for all sorts of women business owners. We think it will be your favorite 
    lender too.
  5. Kiva
    Kiva has a unique lending model. They offer loans to businesses, but their 
    platform is far different from that of traditional or even other non-traditional 
    lenders. It is sort of a cross between crowdfunding and lending. They offer loans 
    with a 0% interest rate. That means, even though you have to pay it back, it is 
    actually free money. In addition, they do not run a credit check. The only 
    requirement is that you have to get at least 5 family members or friends to donate 
    money for your business. Also, you have to give at least a $25 loan to another 
    business on the platform yourself.
    Check out these tips that may give you a super advantage when it comes to getting 
    business loans for women.
  6. Take Advantage of Available Resources
    There’s a whole lot of resources available to help women business owners. 
    From federal agencies like The Small Business Administration to state and local 
    options, take advantage of them.
  7. Present Undefeatable Business Plans
    Do not just fill out the questions on the application. Present a formal, 
    complete business plan that answers them all. Make it professional and appealing.
  8. Make your Business Fundable
    Fundability, in short, is the ability of your business to get funding. It 
    includes a number of things. In fact, over 100 factors affect the fundability of your 
    business. The first step to strong fundability however, is setting your business up to 
    have a fundable foundation.
  9. Establish Strong Personal and Business Credit Scores
    The largest piece of fundability is credit scores. It’s not just your personal 
    credit however, but it’s your business credit score as well. Personal credit and business credit are quite different. The biggest difference is you have to work 
    intentionally to establish and build business credit.
  10. Work with Business Credit Experts
    Business credit and fundability are two things that can be difficult to handle 
    on your own. The sheer number of factors that affect each one can be 
    overwhelming. Furthermore, many lenders and vendors are not forthcoming with a 
    lot of the information that you need. For example, not all of them will report your 
    payments to your business credit report, and they may not tell you whether they do 
    or not.
    A business credit expert can help you evaluate the current state of your 
    fundability and business credit profile. Then, they can guide in improving both. 
    They have relationships with vendors and lenders to help you get the information 
    you need to make the best decisions for the long term strength of both business 
    credit and overall business fundability. They can also direct you toward and help 
    you get the financing you qualify for right now. A free consultation with a business 
    credit expert is the best way to start.
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