How to import watch from china for business

Many of us would like to invest in a business that does not cost much to set up – and one that

is easy to manage. 

I have one brilliant venture and small business idea that you can start with less than Ksh.25,000/= capital.

Start Importing Watches and Re-selling them

The main advantage of this kind of business is that you do not have to open an expensive

store right in the middle of the city to reach your market. You simply need to start a Facebook Page

, Twitter Profile or a website where you will be marketing your merchandise and saving costs. You can then charge your

customers a small delivery fee and hire a messenger to be delivering on all orders made.

Many opportunities lie

unused out there, it is upon you to identify and make good use of them,

I know you are asking yourself where you get the watches.

China is known for its cheap merchandise and this should therefore be your first place to go

shopping. Of course, I know you might not be in a position to produce  Ksh.1 million in cash for 

airfare, so the best route is online shopping. There are many websites that sell cheap Chinese

merchandise. All you need is to shop around for the best deal in the market before you place an order. is one of them but you need to be vigilant and avoid losing your hard-earned money through scams.

Well, the easiest way to avoid being conned would be by asking your friends or relatives who

live near Chinese markets to confirm if the seller is indeed legitimate. Else, if you don’t have a reliable contact

individual in China you can run a brief search of the company to see what other people have to

say about it.

 Avoid dealing with companies that have no reviews posted about

them — chances are that they’re non-existent. A normal company should have a credible address on

Google Maps.

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Import from china

Cost estimates

A nice watch goes for about $2.1 on Alibaba stores. Most sellers

will require you to order for a minimum of 50-100 bundles of watches.

You need to consider the import cost through Kenya airways for faster delivery and ensure the product is zero rates or you will still have to pay tax.

The total costs of importing watches together with logistics to distribute or supply should at least leave the seller with a net profit of 150-200%.

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