How To Make A Youtube Video -2022

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Perhaps you are or want to be a content creator, and similarly thinking about how to make a youtube video for your channel. The first thing you need to do is look for a specific niche for your channel, do your research, then get the correct gears (a good microphone, a good camera, or a phone that has a good quality video camera, lighting, laptop, or computer, and editing software)

Now that you have all the equipment needed, what next? You get now to work on your content (niche) and develop an engaging video that will attract people and build your audience, subscribers and monetization. 

Most YouTubers have gained significant viewership by telling stories (most share their lifestyles), and by mastering this art, they have managed to monetize their content. In this article, I will show you a step to step guide on how to make a youtube documentary.

How to make a youtube video guide

Good Equipment

Editing Software

Good Idea


Story Structure



Make your Guest Comfortable.


1.Good equipment for video shooting

First of all, as discussed earlier, you need good equipment, if you already have one, well and good, if not you can get a good and affordable camera here. You also need a good laptop which you can get here, and you also need a good microphone and lighting. You can use an excellent smartphone to record and edit your video before uploading if you are on a budget. 

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Picture of a filming camera for youtube

2.Editing Software

For editing, you can choose to use different editing software available. For example, one can check some recommended software to use here or watch the video below. It is important to note that you also need a good stable internet connection to upload your video.

3.Find a Good Video Idea

Once you have this equipment, you are now ready to start your content creation journey.

Your next step is to Find a Good Idea. You may decide to document famous people, animals, celebrities, different lifestyles etc.


Once you get your idea, start by researching the concept, you can search about documentaries on Youtube or Vimeo and watch some of them just to get a clear understanding of how you want your video to look like

5.Story Structure

Come up with a Story Structure. You have to give a structure of your story, from the beginning, middle to the end. You can start by introducing yourself (and your guest, if you have any) and what you do. You can also try to capture your audience’s attention by showcasing the best views of the location you are shooting.

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Video shooting for a youtube documentary


The next step is Filming. Here, the rule of thirds applies; if you are doing an interview or filming people, they won’t be looking straight to the camera. As they talk to you, the camera will be on your side; you have to check on the distance and position of the camera from the subject and make sure you have good lighting. You also have to choose different angles to shoot from; close, wide, medium, low, high, the angle through an object etc. you should also minimise movement.

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discussions in a studio


Check on your Audio; this is one crucial aspect of shooting. If you make a mistake on the audio, it can force you to redo the film. To be safe, use at least two mics. Also, to grab the audience’s attention, try to use background music. You can get copyright-free music from the Youtube music library,, Free Music Archive or Soundcloud.

8.Make your Guest Comfortable

If you are doing an interview, talk to the guest before the interview to ease the tension and get to know each other, you can also tell them about the filming process. 

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Editing A YouTube Video

The software named above will come in handy here; here, you can delete the segments that were not captured well, add music, animation, subtitles if need be, and make the video better for your audience. Once editing is done, you are free to share your video.

Good luck! Now that you know the steps for a youtube documentary, you are good to go. Use these tips to come up with the best videos for your audience and also read How to make an Investigative documentary 


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