How do I start a business even if I don’t know what business to start

How do I start a business even if I don’t know what business to start?

I will give you the short answer that no one is giving you. The beauty of this method is you don’t need to know what you want to do.

To see what businesses are making money currently ( that’s easy) then do the following:

Understand how much money and time you have

See what businesses align with items. One

Figure out your learning curve for item two

#1 Understanding how much money and time you have

This is the biggest factor here. Because both of those who will control what business you can do. Do not assume funding or anything for this, think of this as if you are funding the whole thing with totally no help from the outside sources, learn to source your capital through your expertise and savings, you can be a vital part of your business plan by including what you already have rather than what you don’t have. Always list your Strengths including what you can afford in your business model rather than what is unreachable.

#2 See what businesses align with item 

Do you have an illusion that you are the only investor with the business venture you aspire to start in the whole world? You are wrong, Millions if not billions of dollars businesses exists, you need to have your idea standing out and above all your business needs to be mentored and learn from the well-established competitors, in the past centuries before the technology revolution of social media one had to benchmark all over the world to learn about most profitable businesses you can go hunting on Facebook, Instagram, by observing businesses that heavily invest on online advertising and even learning the value metrics. The idea here is if they are paying for ads they are making money! Now research into how you will replicate this businesses model with the money and time, then look for something that will make you stand out from them! – This process is cumbersome but has proved one of the most successful.

#3 Figure out your learning curve for

Do you know how much money and time you have? Now you MUST figure out what you need to know to launch and run that business.

You need to handle the report from the social media metrics to formulate a project plan, by evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the outcome of the findings.