Kazi mtaani shortlist and it’s impact to the economy

The programs aims improving the living standard of the Kenyan youth and young families while occupying them with hygiene and sanitation duties

Kazi mtaani jobs update and resumption of all jobs categories countrywide starting June and July

The national hygiene program , popularly known as kazi mtaani is an initiative by the National government to change the lives of the youth by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs

Kazi mtaani is all about keeping the environment clean through clearing of bushes, treatment of sewages, cleaning of market places

The Kazi mtaani programs aims at improving the living standard of the Kenyan youth and young families while occupying them with hygiene and sanitation duties

Kazi Mtaani First and the second phase

After the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that almost paralysed the Kenyan and global economy for most developing countries in Africa the government of Kenya through the relevant ministries developed a program that offered job opportunities for specific group of the society that is the youth ,the program in general employed two categories of youth

  • The community workers
  • The supervisors

Majority of the employed community workers were unskilled and performed general cleanliness duties e.g sweeping ,clearing of bushes,gardening in offices and collection of garbages.

Kazi Mtaani third phase

The highly anticipated third phase of the program was highly anticipated with millions of youth who lost their jobs due to the pandemic also cueing in an attempt to secure a slot and earn a living.The program was flourished by a high number of applicants in the official kazi mtaani portal three months ago Kazi mtaani registrations

Posts applied for in the third Phase of Kazi mtaani

Prior to the previous launch of the program the third face offered several options for those interested which includes

  • Unskilled
  • Semi -Skiled

The semi skilled in this category mostly target’s form four leavers and also those with literacy in computing.Some of the roles including distribution of mosquito nets to the needy and majority of pregnant women and other target group in the society.

How is the shortlisting done
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Youth slashing during kazi mtaani program

The whole recruitment process is collective and involves the Popular Wazee wa Nyumba kumi and a village committee which approves the residence of the applicants and also the age limit . The Kazi mtaani successful applicants are informed to indicate the correct contact information , that is a registered safaricom SIM card that matches with the names provided during registration and a text messages or a call will be made to the successful applicant to avail themselves at the chiefs offices

How much are kazi mtaani worker’s paid

The applicants are expected to avail themselves at the instructed work station in the morning and are assigned duties that they are expected to perform accordingly. The supervisors together with the area chief delegate the work in a sequence of 11 days for several groups which ensures that they receive a minimum of Ksh 4500/= after two weeks for community workers, while the supervisors reacive a minimum of Ksh 5000 every two weeks.

How does the National hygiene program boost the economy

Close to a million youths gain jobs, although they are temporary or contracted jobs, they boost the money circulation trend in the economy and make it easy for millions of families to place food on the table every day, this does not only boosts the recipient of the cash but also improves on the small businesses that rely directly on cash injections in villages and this eventually boost the social security status due to significant reduction of crime rates thus decreasing the government input in security matters.

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