How to perform mpesa transaction

How to cancel an mpesa transaction

Have you ever been stuck on how to perform mpesa transaction or withdraw money from your mobile phone using mpesa? Don’t worry, In this article, I will be covering the exact steps on how to withdraw your money 

Mpesa cash withdrawal steps(AGENT)

  • Have a registered Safaricom mpesa line and visit an approved agent and then go to the mpesa tool kit.             
  • Open the mpesa tool kit menu                
  • You will be able to see the following options Select the option marked with red ink.
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Mpesa sim tool kit menu

After clicking the withdrawal cash option you will have two more options.                                           

  • From ATM and AGENT, choose from AGENT                   
  • Enter Agent number (the number at your nearest mpesa agent). 
  • Enter an amount that you want to withdraw.
  • Enter your pin (secret).                                   

Wait for transaction notification. (Congratulations you have successfully withdrawn cash from the agent (take your cash😊

Have you ever been trying to send money and then get mistaken for one digit? Its very painful, this means your hard-earned cash has just disappeared into thin air, don’t worry I will show you how to                                    

  • Cancel a transaction before it goes through
  • How to reverse money sent to a wrong number instanty
  • The secret trick to never sending money to the wrong person or paybill

If you have sent money and realised you made a wrong mpesa transaction by sending money to the wrong number or paid to the wrong till number or pay bill, worry less a name confirmation will pop up on your screen and you should check by

  • Sending any letter or figure in numbers below the pop message

Do not make the mistake of choosing the word Cancel which means you accept the recipient’s details are correct

In case you made the mistake of pressing the cancel button or delayed and the time elapsed before you confirmed the mpesa transaction worry less you need to do the following


How to reverse mpesa transaction

  • Copy the mpesa transaction message sent to the wrong number
  • Go to compose messages in your mobile phone
  • Type 456 in the number section
  • Copy or paste the wrong transaction message in the compose section
  • Click Send

You will reacive a message from Safaricom Mpesa that your reverse request has been received and is processed

If the recipient or the one you sent the money attempted to withdraw the cash-or had an outstanding fuliza loan a negative response that your transaction was unsuccessful will be sent to you .

In case you were unable to reverse your money in person to person transactions you can either persuade the recipient to send it back or report it to the authority (police) and file criminal charges

Person to organisation mpesa reversal

In case you sent money to the wrong

  • Pay Bill
  • Till number

For pay bill and till transaction it’s a bit different for some organisations they have automated tools to reverse your money in case of a wrong mpesa transaction that included a none existent account number like banks.

However, for most of the Till numbers you need to contact the store number owner to verify that you actually have not done any business with them to demand reversal

Realistically, it’s difficult for the store owner to verify if you sent to them without a purchase some online stores reacive close to a million transactions daily. It will take a miracle for your money to be returned.

How to Avoid wrong Mpesa Transaction

  • Add all mpesa transaction numbers to the contact list after approval
  • Use the Safaricom Mpesa app

In the sim tool kit, you have an option of choosing the mpesa number to send money by even selecting their names, Always update the contact list to make the process smooth and safe

Try your luck !

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