The life and contribution of a great economist

Mwai Kibaki, officially Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki, a father of the great nation of Kenya for 10years is dead

In an official announcement by the 4th president of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta ,the 3rd President of Kenya is no longer alive .

Mwai Kibaki has passed on at the age of 90 due to a prolonged illness .

The president has announced national mourning and as the tradition, the Kenyan national flag will be at half-mast in all offices and embassies .

Mwai Kibaki will be remembered as a great contributor to the African economy, the father of the Kenyan economy and the mastermind of mega project is no more.

Mwai Kibaki will be fondly remembered for his efforts to make Kenya a free economy through ‘tulipe ushuru tujitegemee’

Mwai kibaki is dead

Tulipe ushuru tujitegemee benefits

As mzee said in his last speech as the sitting president of the Republic of Kenya .’Those who have eyes can see’ a Swahili popular saying ‘Aliye na macho ‘haambiwa tazama’

Mwai Kibaki took over a country that was drained by the KANU regime and he streamlined services in all government offices and ensured education succeeded.

Despite campaigning in a wheelchair kibaki was not on wheel chair in performance

In 2003,Kibaki introduced the popular FPE program the free primary education that has evidenced many success stories for people who returned to school at old age

The FPE program inspired many nations in Africa to acquire a free learning program as Kibaki proved a nation well run on taxes without corruption can uplift lives

Vision 2030

Mwai Kibaki is dead but vision 2030 is still alive despite global economic challenges, Kibaki revealed the blueprint with optimism and plan

Through the vision 2030 blueprint,Kenya has been able to achieve the following so far

  • Thika super highway
  • Standard gauge railway line
  • Free primary education plan

We are are talking about billion dollar projects that have great economic impact not only to Kenya but countries in East Africa and the great lakes

Despite a dark moment in Kenyan history in the 2007 election violence , Mwai kibaki stayed humble and spear headed the country to an important step

On the 27th of August 2010, Kenya promulgated a new constitution after the first draft attempt in 2005 failed and this time around the Constitution was voted in and contributed to :

  • Devolution
  • A strong judiciary that has solved election disputes

Mwai kibaki farewell

It’s a sad day for Kenyans and Africa in general , Mwai Kibaki is dead but his legacy will live forever in our economy.

We at smartnews are sending our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Mwai Kibaki and the people of Kenya, Africa and pray that we will come to terms that Mwai Kibaki is dead.

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Mwai Kibaki smiling


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