Poultry farming as a profitable business in Kenya-business plan

Poultry business plan in Kenya

The poultry business is one of the most profitable business in Kenya. Starting a poultry farm and making huge profits is a dream

Poultry farming as a profitable business in Kenya-business plan

For you to make significant profits in the industry you need to have a clear guide on how you can start and run a successful venture using a poultry farming business plan in kenya

Poultry farming requires a diverse knowledge of birds keeping

Importance of a poultry business plan in Kenya

  •  Helps to guide on the proper Marketing  strategies
  • It lays down what the farmer expects, the goal, and the vision of the business
  • The features that form a good poultry house
  • Helps in setting up of prices

A Poultry farming business plan covers the following important areas

1. Housing

A well designed poultry house is one that favors your birds and does not expose them to illness. 

Ensure proper ventilation to avoid suffocation and regulate moisture.Buy a thermometer to check on temperatures.

Use an open wall and against the wind .Cover the open part using a wire mesh.

Use iron sheets with ridge vents

Each iron sheet costs Ksh700.The cost of iron sheets will depend with the number of birds.

The floor should range between two square  feet to 200 square feet

It should be made of concrete

Build spacious nests for your birds 

All these will cost you approximately Ksh 40,000 for 50 layers

2.Production breed

The type of birds that you are interested in keeping determines the type of production you will commit

There are different types of birds in a poultry farm that you should be aware of, including; turkeys, ducks, chickens, geese, guinea fowl, pigeons, and quail

There are also different types of chicken breeds that a farmer can purpose rearing, that is, layers, broilers, Kari improved kienyeji and Sasso

A farmer may decide to start a poultry farm for either meat production, layers breeding, poultry feeds, egg and meat processing, and hatchery

Therefore, when starting a poultry business be precise with the type of bird and niche that you want

3.Cost and return analysis in a poultry farming business plan in kenya

Analysing  the cost of equipment , birds feeds, vaccination cost ,deworming cost , labour and other miscellaneous costs depends with the type of bird you choose to rare and the scale of your farm.

  The total expenditure per chick Cost of a 1 day chick  
  Ksh 150 Ksh 100  
  Total net profit Ksh 150 After 2 months  
    Costs around Ksh 300  
Poultry business plan in kenya

Assuming that all factors remain constant and you purchased 100 chicks after two months you should approximately get a profit of Ksh 15,000

4.The Scale of the poultry farm

It is important to know the number of birds you want to start rearing. For beginners, a small-scale farm is more appropriate

A small-scale poultry farm should accommodate 1-1000 birds, a medium-scale – 1001- 10,000, and a large-scale farm can hold 10,000 plus birds

The larger the size of the farm, the more equipment you are required to purchase

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Identify your suppliers and if possible before starting the business

Ensure that you can network with as many suppliers for your products as possible. Book tenders from organizations and other established businesses that need the product you are producing

Your pricing rate offers you suppliers that fit in the rate gap

6. Poultry housing system and equipment

The housing system is the support system for poultry farming.

As a farmer, you are required to build a spacious cage with proper temperatures and lighting

Chicks cannot survive in a very cold environment and that is why lighting is necessary

Know all housing systems that are needed in a birds cage example extensive, semi-intensive intense-range range, and deep litter systems

Be conversant with items that should be installed in each system

In conclusion, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, you should learn poultry farming before deciding to put up your own business

This will give you a go-ahead and prepare you for a crisis.

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