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The information displayed in the comment section is solely the responsibility of the website visitor.      You are highly recommended to avoid leaving any sensitive information in the comment section from personal data or initiating a sale through replies and shall be responsible for any malice, or damage caused by your sentiments

Dishoprenuer is a private limited liability company and the aforementioned website is part of the said company and does not supersede the source and resourcefulness of the company, it’s simply an asset of dishoprenuer which conveys part of the companies development progress & projects                                                                                                                                        Any type of external anchor text or linking does not necessarily represent or mean endorsement of any kind unless specified as sponsored by the company dishoprenuer but rather falls into fair use.                     

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Unless you enter into a business contract advisory agreement with dishoprenuer, any advice taken from the website blog will be treated as an idea but rather a strategy                                              Dishoprenuer does not endorse any content relating to gambling, money quick schemes, pornography, or any adult content and online tradings.    

Lastly, any outlawed business in Kenya is also outlawed by dishoprenuer although something might be legal it does not necessarily mean it’s moral, it might be moral to me but to you, it’s obscene and immoral so let’s stick with the principles of self-respect and diversity in culture.