Starting a security firm business in African countries

Have you ever thought of owning your own company? have you ever imagined having a fully-fledged global recognised institution that employs thousands if not millions of people all over the world? Don’t worry a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and in this article, I will take you through the basics to opening a security firm company in Kenya and globally, how you can reap big from the said company.

Most of the hotels you visit, banks, institutions of learning, logistics companies and non-profit organisations employ security personnel in all the sectors of their companies for order and safety purposes. Did you know that most of the employed officers are not necessarily aware of the source of the money they are paid monthly? When you start a company by registering it and making sure it is fully operational according to the companies act and meeting all standard requirements, the company becomes eligible to compete and bid for tenders to other Companies or industries like tourism industries, banking and logistics. These Companies are offered a lump sum amount and are tasked to protect the security interest of the said company according to the contractual terms for instance the company might stipulate the areas required to be guarded like a store, the gate and some customer based entrances and it’s the responsibility of the security firm to allocate the right personnel to fulfil the contract and any term violation from the security officer is a liability to the agency company

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How can you reap big from the company, let’s do a quick math a security firm with 20 employees winning a tender to offer security on cash supply vehicles can be granted an amount per annum summing to $10000 and this amount is split into categories 

1.Wages. 2. Office administration 3 Licenses. The amount of money tendered should now be able to pay the salaries of the security officers and all the office employees, on the office administration a total cost projection on the office rent and utility bills is vital, the profit margin of the company should always be 30% on every tender and when the security firm brand name and reputation grows the company receives more tenders and the only challenge will be getting the right training for the employees in demand with some of the clients.

The following are some of the laid down procedures on how you can start and run a security firm in Kenya and the East African community in general. In recent years the demand for professional security officers has tremendously increased in Kenya and most Companies seeking security services have even complained of substandard services from these officers a challenge has been posed to have more stable and efficient local firms in Kenya. Some of the global companies in Kenya with powerhouse house names include G4S company which is vastly recognised for its realisable logistics services and has acquired hundreds of MOUs with local banks to provide both automotive human support and entrance bank checks. Assuming you have Ksh 1million set aside to start a company in Kenya you need to first decide on the companies name and follow the company registration procedures, after registration of the company you need to decide on the operational region by checking on the gap and if the competition is stiff you ensure the Business plan is objective to better what the competitors are doing in terms of services, value for money, employee training, competency by balancing the service quality and sustainable wage for both parties.

 After choosing the location you need to decide on the office location, the amount is not enough to buy a land but instead, you should choose an office and have a good secretary to ensure the office paperwork is up to par and all recruitment procedures and consultations are conducted, the office is the face of the business you can also invest in a parallel online office, ensure you have an official website and page to stipulate all services offered by the company this does not only Widen the market but prints your office in the Google maps for easy reach and offers an opportunity to receive more tender opportunities and competent employees from all over East Africa. A lion’s share of the capital will also be used on the marketing department of the company by ensuring the company sticks its image to the public, the uniforms should be consistent and all logos displayed, In marketing, brands contribute to the marketing strategy, a theory proven in the coca-cola and Pepsi company. The one million split into three 30% on rent,40% on the first six months wages and the rest on running licenses, marketing and miscellaneous.                            

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