Tsavo apartment investment project , review and it’s benefit

Tsavo Apartment Projects in Kenya

Tsavo apartments is a real estate investment company started in 2015 to help people achieve financial freedom by helping them own affordable rental apartments.

Their products include one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments. In Tsavo, you can become an investor while still living comfortably within your means.

What Tsavo Apartments Does

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tsavo apartment
Tsavo apartment investment project , review and it’s benefit

The main agenda of Tsavo lies in the provision of affordable apartments for buying and renting. They have constructed quality apartments within Nairobi and surrounding areas like Thindigua, Ongata Rongai, and Roysambu.

Their main goal is to help people achieve financial independence. This means having enough assets to generate monthly cash flow to help you achieve your goals and desires.

Tsavo investment is about breaking the traditional mantra of struggling to pay rent and working to become a landlord instead.

To learn more about how Tsavo Apartments was founded, and its journey through inception, watch this video

How Tsavo apartments Works

Depending on your financial ability, you buy a one, two-bedroom, or studio apartment. In investment jargon, an apartment is termed a unit. You can choose to buy ten units of one-bedroom apartments, ten units of studios, etc.  

Their payment plan is fluid and flexible to accommodate people of various income classes. They also have a one-stop shop where you can pay at once and start reaping from your investment immediately.  

Prices range depending on the project. For instance, Roysambu prices are Ksh 1.6 M for a studio and Ksh 2.6 M for a one-bedroom apartment while in Embakasi a studio goes for Ksh 1.5 M and Ksh 2.4M for a one-bedroom.

If you can’t afford to pay at once, you can pay in 5 years in installments of Ksh 24,000 a month. For bulk investors, Ksh 15 M gets you 10 studios while with 25 M you can buy 10 one-bedroom apartments. Bulk investors get discounts.

The best thing about Tsavo is that you receive regular notifications on the status of your investment. Once you buy an apartment, Tsavo gets you tenants and collects monthly rent on your behalf.

Should you want to live in your apartment, Tsavo gives the tenants notice beforehand so that at no given time will there be face-to-face confrontations between you and your tenants.

You should also know that Tsavo projects are located in urban areas with very high population density and where the housing demand is sky-high. Consequently, at no time will your apartment be void of tenants.

Top 5 projects completed by Tsavo Apartments

Here are the top 5 recent projects completed by Tsavo Apartments:

1.      Laiser Place Rongai

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2.      90 Degrees Embakasi

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3.      Tsavo – Step – Up- Riruta

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4.      Royal Suburbs & Roysambu apartments

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5.      Tsavo Studios Embakasi

How to contribute and own an apartment with Tsavo apartments

Here is the general process of investing with Tsavo Apartments:

Step 1: Select an investment project

Pick an investment project that appeals to you from the wide range of projects available. You might want to pick a project depending on the location, which determines the price of the apartments. You can pick a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or studio apartment.

You will then be given a Fire partner from the company. This person will be the link between you and the company.

Functions of the fire partner include

  • Serves as a direct link between you and the company.
  • Guiding you through the payment options
  • Takes you through the legal process of owning the investment
  • Updating you about ongoing projects
  • Sending you weekly reports concerning the status of your investment
  • Generally holding your hand through your investment journey with Tsavo.

Step 2: Payment

Select a payment plan that suits your investment endeavour. You have the option to buy your investment in bulk, where you pay the full amount at once. Alternatively, you can pay through monthly installments. They have a 5-year payment plan and a two-year payment plan.

The 5-year payment plan demands that you pay Ksh 24, 000 monthly until the project is complete. However, for both payment plans, you will need a deposit of 20% of the total amount of money you are required to pay.

Tsavo projects usually take a maximum of two years from start to completion.

Step 3: Construction update

Once you are through with the payment options, you are added to a mailing list that updates you about the project until its completion. These updates are usually sent at 5 am every Saturday by your fire partner.

Step 4: Grand opening

Once the project is complete, a grand opening is held where all investees are handed over their share of the investment. A ceremony is conducted to celebrate the successful completion of the project.

Step 5: Management

After the grand opening, you sign a property management agreement that gives the company the mandate to find new tenants for you, manage your unit, and collect rent. This insures you from having to deal with the tenants directly.

Everything is streamlined to ensure you receive your money at predetermined intervals.

Step 6: Financial independence

Once the rental income starts streaming into your bank account, it is now upon you to use the power of compounding or find other investment options to grow your income. Here, the sky is practically your limit.

How to Save for an Investment with Tsavo Apartments

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Here are some of the steps that you can take to save your money so that you can invest with Tsavo apartments:

1.      Set goals

To avoid spending your money irresponsibly, you will need to set financial goals and be laser-focused on them. Goals guide your spending. You should set both long-term and short-term goals.

Further, your investment goal should be top of your priority list.

2.       Get practical

Setting a goal is not enough. You will need to take further steps like creating a savings account and dedicating a particular percentage of your paycheck to that account every month. You want to start gradually and increase your savings as you get comfortable.

The crucial thing at this time is to ensure you live within your means. You can also move to a cheaper apartment to save on rent. On the same note, try spending less on parties and entertainment and instead add that extra money to your savings account.

3.       Set aside unexpected income

Any income that you get outside your normal paycheck or expected income, should be allocated straight to your savings account. This way, your account balance will gain momentum and snowball to higher amounts within no time.

4.      Get a side hustle

You will need an extra income-generating activity to supplement your monthly income. To do this, you can become a freelancer. Alternatively, you can take free online courses to learn new skills and open yourself to new earning opportunities.

5.      Create a budget

To avoid spending impulsively, you will need to budget your money and savings. The key rule here is to save first, then spend what remains.

Here is a pie chart representation of how you can budget your income and save monthly for investment with Tsavo Apartments.

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Pie chart of a salary budget


As a popular investment quote goes, if you wait for what you consider to be the right time, you will either never invest, or do so late.

It’s upon you to make the right investment decision that will continue to bear passive income for you. This will be your first step towards financial independence. 

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