How to choose the best microphone for streaming and tutorial video

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Studio microphone and headphone

How to choose the best microphone for streaming or tutorial or how-to video or podcast? everything else is certainly set.

If you have a phone or computer, necessary recording software, a camera and your are furthermore doing a Video and content to share and you’re wondering which microphone best suits you ,worry less.

Normally, a content creator, has to understand that audio can make or break your content, sound quality matters.

Iam advising that you to invest in a good microphone, there are different types to use and choose for your content.

When it comes to microphones, you’re not only choosing them in terms of pricing but also in terms of how effective they work .

In this article, I will be guiding you on how to choose the best microphone for a tutorial.

So, how do you choose the best microphone?

Streaming microphone standards


First of all, one has to check its compatibility, this means that you have to choose one with the easiest setup method

A microphone with should not be sophisticated in its use it should be easy to plug into a phone, computer or laptop.

A microphone that you can plug and play without installing or needing any extra hardware or software.

2.Type of Microphone

A USB microphone may come in handy here, apart from being convenient and easy to use, they are cheaper than most mics.

Notably,most of them pick up sound from the front, so they will be great if you want to use them for tutorial.

They are different types of microphones, you need to understand your purpose.

The most widely known types are the dynamic microphones which are mostly used in live performances like concerts.

Condenser microphones which are mostly used in studios, podcasts and your case, tutorials.

3.Your budget

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Microphone options

It is reasonably important also to look at your budget while choosing your microphone

Alternatively, if you are running on a low budget, you may consider buying a less expensive but durable microphone.

Examples of some of them are the iSK or XML.

4.Microphone streaming frequency

Understand its frequency that is best suited for your voice, this is important too while looking for a microphone.

Exemplary , some are made to pick lower frequencies (suitable for male voices), they are called the large diaphragm microphone while others are designed to pick up higher frequencies (suitable for female voice).

They are small-diaphragm or small capsule microphones. Once you understand your voice, it will be easier to pick one of them for your tutorials

You need to try and test different mics at the store before you settle on buying one because we have a variety of them with different specs.

For tutorials, If you’re looking for something on a budget and one that will strike the right balance of ease of use and noticeable improvement.

The USB microphones mentioned are probably the best option to consider and you can buy or check them here

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