How to buy Bingwa sokoni bundles instantly

Bingwa sokoni offers ,what bingwa sokoni means and how to become a bingwa sokoni agent.

Thinking of starting your financial freedom journey or tired of expensive bundles offers for your projects business or interraction with family and friends?

The program is now popular to peers who are stuck with substantial okoa jahazi and are unable to access the internet

Bingwa sokoni offers you the opportunity to buy internet and SMS bundles instantly at an affordable rate

You can buy bingwa sokoni bundles by calling ,SMS or What’s app +254700 056313 anytime

How to buy Bingwa sokoni bundles instantly

Bingwa sokoni rates

Bingwa sokoni rates differ depending on several parameters per sim card set by safaricom

The following are some of the Bingwa Sokoni standard rates

  • Ksh 20 (250mb) valid 24 hours
  • Ksh 45 (400mb ) valid 24 hours
  • Ksh 55 1.25GB (24hours)

Bingwa sokoni weekly bundles

Bingwa sokoni weekly bundles standard rates

  • Ksh 250(5GB) valid 7 days
  • Ksh 300 (7GB) valid 7 days

Bingwa sokoni random bundles

Bingwa sokoni monthly bundles standard rates

  • Ksh 100 (2GB valid till midnight)
  • Ksh 20 (1.75 GB) 3hours

Bingwa sokoni rates differ with different parameters set by Safaricom Safaricom

Advantages of Bingwa sokoni

  • Can reacive bundles with okoa jahazi
  • Long life bundles
  • Daily varying offers for special days

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