Best Agencies to Buy land in Kenya

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In this article, I will cover the Best Agencies To Buy Land In Kenya at an affordable price.

Although land agencies have helped many Kenyans acquire plots next to developing areas that appreciate the land’s value quickly it’s clear that land feuds and scams have been on a high alert

I have provided you with some of the Best Agencies To Buy Land In Kenya with guaranteed title deeds.

A land is an investment option although most Kenyans are on low Salary they still must try and reach out to land agencies in Kenya and enquire on how to buy land which in turn they are forced to pay in instalments

1. Open Enterprise Limited Kenya Land Agencies

This agency in Kenya targets the middle-income earners with an eye for rural -urban life , when you aspire to build some rentals you can start your journey here

If you want land for immediate residential settlement, commercial purposes, or long-term capital gain, Option is certainly your one-stop-shop. Throw a dart on the map of Kenya, and chances are they’ll have plots where you land.

According to their latest marketing campaign, they have prime plots in Thika, Kiambu, Nyeri, Naivasha, Malindi, and Kajiado. They offer land from as low as Ksh 349000. They also offer you the option to pay in instalments ranging from 6 months to one year. 

Their contacts:


Tel: +254 790 300 300

2. Username Investment Limited Kenya Land Agencies

If you’re looking to buy land in Kenya for as cheap as Ksh 199000, Username is the agency for you. Their fees include no hidden charges. What you pay caters to the title processing fees as well as legal fees. Once you pay, you get the title deed within 6-12 months. 

They have a proven track record of over 8 230 title deeds issued within 8 years of operation in Kenya. They have garnered various awards over the years, the latest being Best Land Agent in Value-added Plots.

Their contacts:


Tel: 0725000222

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3.Mawega company Ltd Kenya Land Agencies

You can’t similarly talk about the best land agencies in Kenya without Mawega Land agencies Kenyan in the conversation, Since its inception in 2006, Mawega company has claimed its place among Kenya’s most trusted land companies. Additionally, they have had more than 30000 customers. 

Their payment plan allows for instalments of up to 12 months. This company was first to sell land on credit, allowing you to book a plot with as little as Ksh 100000. 

Contact: 0768656519

4. Lesedi developers Ltd

Lesedi has facilitated thousands of Kenyanbecome property owners in places like Nakuru, Thika, Muranga, and Nairobi. They accept payment in instalments duration of between 12 to 36 months. Once you pay 50% of the agreed price and clear the balance within the agreed months, you can start developing your land.

Furthermore, Lesedi guarantees you a title deed within 60days from the date of purchase. You are allowed to file a cash-back claim if they do not deliver the title deed within 60 days. Their main office is located in Thika Bazaar Building 2nd floor, but they also have offices in Nakuru and Nairobi. 


Tel: 0704222444/ 0701888555. 


5. Airwave properties Land agencies In Kenya

Airwave properties operate on the mantra that every Kenyan has the right to affordable land. Starting in 2014, this company has provided land and housing solutions in Kenya. Their land is suitable for commercial development, immediate settlement, or financial speculation. 

Additionally, they have plots in Kitengela, Malindi, Embu, Joska, and Thika. You can become a landowner with as low as Ksh 100 000. According to their website, they have issued over 20 000 title deeds over the years.

Location: Next to Kenyatta University, 1st floor, Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact: 0700002323

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TIn conclusion, the five best land agencies in Kenya are Option, Lesedi, Mawega, Airwave, and Username. However, before you buy land using an agency, must be familiar with the company. Therefore, having a legal representative like an advocate together with a witness, also ensures the firm does not have any affiliation with the company you are anticipating transacting with at the time.

Always ensure the property is legitimate and the paperwork is meticulous. Furthermore, perform a Land search to confirm authenticity.

Legal process of purchasing land in kenya

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