10 Essential Responsibilities of a Property Manager in Kenya 2023

10 Powerful Property Manager Responsibilities for landlords Success

Property manager responsibilities in Kenya and 10 Reasons why you need to hire a professional property manager in Kenya 2023 and beyond


Property manager roles in Kenya
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When investing in real estate properties, as a landlord or a commercial property owner, it may be overwhelming to manage your property amongst your other daily engagements. 


Property management services can be incredibly beneficial in ensuring your investment is well managed and profitable.


 In Kenya, property management is a thriving business with a growing demand for good property management services.


In this blog post, I will  explore the 10 essential responsibilities of a property manager in Kenya, and why it is vital to hire a reliable and experienced property management firm.


Property manager responsibilities of Rent Collection


property manager

in Kenya is responsible for collecting rent and ensuring it is paid in a timely manner mostly before the fifth day of the month .


They are also responsible for enforcing late fees and handling any disputes that may arise regarding rent payment.


Property manager responsibilities of tenant Screening’s


Property managers in Kenya handle tenant screening to ensure that only suitable tenants who meet a specific set of criteria are placed on your property. 

They run background checks, verify employment, and check rental history to ensure that tenants are reliable and won’t cause issues in the property.


Property manager responsibilities of Maintenance and Repairs


Property managers are also responsible for ensuring that the property is well maintained and any necessary repairs are done in a timely and cost-effective manner. 


They coordinate with maintenance personnel and contractors to ensure that repairs are done systematically.


Property manager responsibilities of Documentations:


 A property manager ensures all vital data for the property is well documented and recorded for future reference.


 This includes financial reports, tenant documentation, and property maintenance and repair reports.


Property manager responsibilities on Inspections: 


Regularly scheduled inspections are essential for any

real estate



A property manager carries out regular property inspections to identify any damages or necessary repairs that may have been overlooked and need the extensive attention of the maintenance team.


Legal Compliance:

Property managers in Kenya are required to ensure that all necessary legal compliance and regulations for the property are adhered to. 


They ensure that the property meets all safety regulations, including the right to the tenant, carbon commission emissions, and building codes together with security compliance and ‘nyumba kumi initiatives ‘.


Rental Agreement and Leasing:

Property managers handle rental agreements, drafting and signing of the lease agreements with the tenants. 


This ensures that the rights of the tenant and the property owner are rights are properly covered.


Tenant Communication role:


 Clear communication is vital in ensuring that tenants are satisfied with the subtle legal requirements and requests. 


A property manager communicates with tenants, ensuring required responses to feedback and any other concerns they may have regarding the property.


Accounting and Financial Management:

 Property managers handle accounting and financial management issues.


 They track all income and expenses associated with the property, ensuring that the bills are paid on time and profitably managed.


Monthly Reporting: 

Property managers offer monthly reports to the property owners, highlighting all the essential happenings on the property, financial reporting, maintenance highlights, and tenant concerns. 

These monthly reports are vital in ensuring property transparency and accountability to the property owners.




Investing in a property in Kenya is indeed a good choice, but it needs the right kind of expertise to manage it effectively. 


Looking at the ten essential responsibilities of a property manager in Kenya, it is clear that a property manager can save you time and ensure the stable financial growth of the investment.

 Property management assures landlords that their investment is safe and secured and the tenants are receiving the high quality of life and safety that they deserve. 


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