Best online jobs in Kenya(2023)


Have you ever thought of earning money in the comfort of your home through
online jobs in Kenya in the year 2023?
In this article, I will guide you on how to start your journey even with the use of any device
Nevertheless, you can earn through online jobs in Kenya using a smartphone.
In the past, most Kenyans have been
used to rely  on a full time
work schedule accordingly
with official wear
and surmounting transport.
with the introduction of
internet in the country
online jobs in Kenya have been easy to access and consequently one can earn a living

Real estate in Kenya

I have similarly prepared for you a list of all categories of legit online jobs in Kenya don’t be trapped in scams anymore
just be patient and learn everything you need to know about jobs that you can perform
The following are some of the categories of online jobs in Kenya
that we are going to discuss  in detail
and how you can register for them

  • Online writing jobs for beginners
  • Online survey jobs
  • Transcription jobs
  • Data entry and symbol(AI).    

Firstly, you need to understand the skills that you have and if
you want to earn online
by bidding for work
or create your brand
and start earning, the previous
is for those interested in seeking online direct  employment
and we’ll discuss them in detail.    

Online Writing Jobs For Beginners

If you are still starting as a writer,
I have prepared for you some of the best opportunities you can use
to write and earn as an online writing beginner in Kenya



For all
looking for online writing
opportunities, Upwork
is the first step
towards realising your dream
by earning massively online.
Upwork is a legit platform.
you should not be discouraged by anyone
that you can’t make it,
there are a lot of opportunities
as a writer.
You just need to have a complete profile,
so fast
create an Upwork account,
if you are interested
you can create one
here Create an upwork account  here

Upwork Online Jobs In Kenya Secrets

I have listed some of the
well tested
on how to win your first job
at an Upwork

Have a complete profile

You must complete the profile, ensure you have a well-taken passport size picture with a plain background

Create two bidding profiles

Increase your chances of earning by having a well-updated profile when bidding for a job, Do not make the mistake of bidding with an incomplete profile, the two profiles give you leeway to a variety of jobs

Bidding time

I would therefore advise you to download the Upwork application to have easy access to the advanced search section anytime. Always check the search section and bid for work that has been recently posted (at least 15 mins ago)

Check interviews Sent

Before applying for the online work posted, you have to check if the employer has started to interview clients. If an employer has invited someone for an interview don’t even consider applying

Submit a perfect proposal

When writing a proposal for the work posted always ensure the proposal matches the job demand and descriptions. Don’t make the mistake, of applying without considering the employee’s specifications like

  • The location of the applicant
  • Language background e.g English level as native or fluent, when setting up your profile have in mind your English level .

Update your payment information

Payments by upwork are paid after work is done and all parties are satisfied, you need to update your profile details early to boost early chances of getting an online badge (verification badge).

A PayPal account is recommended which can be linked with the mpesa account for easy withdrawal you can check how to deposit and withdraw from mpesa here Paypal to mpesa

Bid daily

I have provided you with bidding tips for Upwork Online Jobs in Kenya, You now need to bid wisely and every day. Although you will have limited connections work still offers connections for replied or answered proposals

Use advanced search automation

Create a specific search with preferred features in the search area in order to view jobs that are below the rank in the most recently posted jobs some of the best filters to consider include the level of experience required, budget, location and the number of proposals sent.

The filters have a unique way of providing jobs with low connect requirements and high budget

2. i-writer

If you are an aspiring online writer, i-writer is one of the best out there, you can register as a beginner, intermediate or expert. Most of the articles you will be writing have specific instructions and you will need to follow them to improve your ratings and get more opportunities.

If you want to earn through online jobs in Kenya that are trustworthy, this is one of them you need to build a profile just like Upwork. However, with Fiverr, you need to strictly have a desktop computer or laptop to complete your profile and bid for opportunities. Fiverr is one of the best-paying freelance sites but you need to register as a seller and interact with clients I assure you, if you get the first client, you will never look back You need to however be prepared to follow the terms and conditions like only conducting payments through them and also avoid academic jobs or your account will be banned. Register here

Online Survey Jobs

The category of online survey jobs is becoming popular every day as the survey is one of the efficient ways for companies to sell their brand, it’s a form of marketing, here are some of the best-paying survey companies

  • One poll
  • Survey
  • Swagbucks

Most of the provided survey programs pay via PayPal

Transcription online jobs in Kenya

This entails producing a written version of an audio file

Equipment required for effective transcription

  • Headphones
  • Good desktop speaker
  • Pre-record software

The headphones aid in drawing your attention to the spoken words

A good speaker also ensures clear audibility of words from all accent

What to consider when choosing the material to transcribe

  • Your listening skills(fluent or native listener)
  • Your topic familiarity
  • Audio length
  • Timeframe(duration given to finish the task)

Transcription online jobs sites

  • Verbit. as
  • Lightricks
  • Skydio

Data entry online jobs in Kenya

One of the oldest traditional methods of earning online, it’s very competitive but with the introduction of data symbol entry if you are a serious bidder you can land multiple jobs

The rise of data symbols in artificial intelligence has offered more online jobs in Kenya with proven websites that have evidenced unlimited payouts to individuals who have mastered the art of submission of symbols data

Data entry traditionally involved verification or entry of information from the typed or handwritten form. However, with the evolving generational technology in the computing industry. It is wise to say that symbolic data entry has also evolved

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Artificial Intelligence examples of robots at work

Traditional data entry jobs can be applied on the following sites

  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr

Artificial Intelligence

This is simply the computerisation of the human mind, machines can ‘think’ in processing command

Data entry symbols have become a part of Artificial Intelligence and have offered significant Online Jobs In Kenya.

Earn with remotask

If you aspire to earn as a part-time tasker or full-time by doing data symbol entry and 3D services you can visit and Join here


Desktop computer for 3D work with RAM above 8

Smartphone (4GB RAM and above for symbol entries)

Remotask pays its beginners every week and the money is wired into your pay pal account for the claim

You don’t pay any amount to join remotask and earn legit online jobs in Kenya.

To be successful you also need to invest in a good computer and also increase your earnings by joining

  • Online training lessons
  • Training boot camps

Remotask offers the opportunity to earn although you need to learn some of their basic requirements for your account to reacive more tasks and stay active

In conclusion, a full-time beginner at remotask can earn from Ksh 400-600 per day

Freelance Jobs In Kenya

You can provide services to employees from a remote location, I will provide you with two freelance marketable opportunities to start with namely

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Voice Over Artist

Virtual Assistant

One of the most lucrative online jobs in Kenya, you can offer administrative services to clients from a remote location

For a successful venture into the industry, you need a stable internet connection together with a power backup plan as you will have to adjust sleeping hours to cope with time zone differences.

Types of Virtual Assistant Jobs

  • Customer care
  • Travel management e.g flight bookings
  • Calendar management
  • Email management

For one to be a successful Virtual Assistant and get an online job, one need to master the aforementioned skills although there are no specifications you need background knowledge in a field you choose to assist

You can get online virtual assistant jobs on the following sites


Voice over artist

You can add voice to scripts and earn online, one can hire you for their projects just ensure you have the right profile and the following equipment

  • Microphone
  • Desktop Computer

You can start with your mobile phone too but for a serious venture into this program I recommend a desktop computer

Meanwhile, for a start, you can download the Lexis editor app here, It records high-quality audio. Use a good microphone to increase client retention

Similarly, you can learn more about how to be a perfect voice-over artist in Kenya or beyond by visiting, they have both free and premium lessons

You can get more job opportunities by adding voice-over as one of your skills in your resume at Upwork or Fiverr to boost the chances of getting hired

Don’t forget to check dailies for any advertised opportunity for a voice-over. You can also apply or check for opportunities from the following sites

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr


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